Sunday, 17 November 2013

Worldwide protest against biased mainstream media.

Although Scotland has a particular problem with media bias against independence there is a more general problem worldwide with the media. They all follow a fixed agenda and rarely question what they're told to broadcast.

A worldwide protest took place today but it will be difficult to find the story anywhere apart from the alternative media although RT News from Moscow covered the story.

I can remember a time when people used to mock Russian news outlets for their one sided biased stories in favour of the brave motherland against the capitalist West. No more though. RT News often reports important news stories that are either ignored or barely acknowledged in the Western media. The nightmare at Fukushima that may lead to total disaster in the northern hemisphere for example......just an itsy bitsy problem that will all be ok in time for the Tokyo Olympics in 2020 if you believe the mainstream media.

The bedroom tax story has been big news on the internet this week but has been largely ignored by BBC Scotland. If it was mentioned then the LibLabCon parties got an easy ride and the usual ' nothing to see here please move along' attitude was adopted. While Labour MP Anas Sarwar was posted missing from the vote and debate ( after claiming it was a priority for him and the Labour Party ) the BBC went big on a story about a traffic cone on a person's head. They aren't subtle with their contempt for us.

This is an example from the US of how 'the news' is controlled by a central script writer...

Obama is a master of the spin and is almost always given an easy ride. Both here and in the US. This is despite his pre election promises to close Gitmo, sort out the banksters and stop drone attacks all being quickly dumped when he took office. Things have actually gotten worse with civilian drone strike deaths escalating, the US constitution ignored, automatic recording of everything anyone says or does now standard policy and the money printing now at $80Bn a month with debts of nearly $17trillion.

This is 8 minutes that are worth watching if you want to see how things work.....

Check out the lady on the left at 50 seconds whispering that it's time to let the lady fall. The pregnant lady then went around the tv studios campaigning for the disastrous 'Obamacare'. Shockeroonie !

Of course the most terrifying thing for the mainstream media to report on is 9/11. This sends shivers down their spines and sends them running for the hills. To question the official story of 9/11 is certain death to their careers so they all cover their eyes and ears and collectively go la la la la.

There's some interesting stuff in the alternative media though...

To appreciate the power of the mainstream media just ask anyone how many skyscrapers fell on the day. Most will say two towers. WTC1 and WTC2. The truth is that three towers fell. WTC1,WTC2 and Building7. Building 7 wasn't even mentioned in the official report on 9/11 and is never mentioned in the media as it raises awkward questions. Questions like why did the BBC report that Building 7 had collapsed 20 minutes before it did ? The BBC have never explained where they got their information about the building 7 collapse from. Quite extraordinary to report a building collapse with no evidence and then clam up about it afterwards.

The BBC were taken to court by a tv license payer who alleged that he would be supporting terrorism if he paid his BBC tv license fee. Of course there was nothing about this extraordinary court case reported in the mainstream media....

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